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ADI's suite of Safety surveys provides a science-based approach to ensuring that organizations are safe by design and not safe by accident.

In matters of safety, all levels of an organization must be committed to creating a culture of safe habits. ADI offers the following safety surveys to support organizations in identifying the current state of safety and the behaviors needed to create a safe environment:

Behavior Based Safety Readiness Survey: An organization’s safety culture is shaped by the practices that are encouraged and discouraged, intentional or otherwise, over time. ADI’s Behavior Based Safety Readiness Survey detects those behavioral practices that affect safety and provides a clear and objective description of the current status of your organization’s readiness to maximize safety.

Safety Culture Survey: ADI’s Safety Culture Survey digs deeper into the culture of the organization and identifies the behavioral safety practices in operation and provides a clear and objective description of the current status. Topics covered include values and commitments, conditions and reporting, resources, tools and equipment, training, safety versus production pressure, recognition, reward and feedback, physiology, and personal responsibility.

Safety Leadership Survey: ADI’s Safety Leadership Survey assesses organizational and supervisory safety practices as experienced by the organization’s employees. This survey gathers information on the workplace conditions, work processes, policies and procedures, and management practices that support safe behavior or that unintentionally encourage or reinforce unsafe behavior. The results from this survey help organizations identify gaps between their work environment and their safety values, while providing the feedback and accountability needed to focus busy leaders on safety.


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