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  • Blind spots in organization can impede improvement
  • Look at your organization from a different vantage point
  • Behavioral assessments uncover opportunities assessments


ADI helps clients apply a behavioral lens to identify blind spots to improvement opportunities.

What you don’t know can hurt you, or at least hold you back. Organizations are so deeply entrenched in their daily business that they often have blind spots to their own opportunities for improvement. Imagine the possibilities you can uncover when you look at your business from a different vantage point.

Using a science-based, behavioral approach to assessments, ADI shines a light on the behavioral gaps in processes and practices that get in the way of performance acceleration. Through these in-depth assessments, organizations can analyze important aspects of their business such as:

  • How business goals and objectives are aligned with the behaviors that are reinforced and/or punished in the workplace
  • The alignment and impact of formal and informal systems, processes, practices, and structures on performance
  • How leadership and the corporate culture encourage or constrain performance
  • The amount of variance in performance from those that do just enough to get by to those who display discretionary effort
  • Opportunities for consolidating and accelerating corporate initiatives

ADI works with clients to analyze and assess the effects of behavior at the department, site, and organization level. All systems, including people, need a check-up once in awhile. Why leave to chance opportunities that are bound to improve performance? 


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