Get Outta My Head
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Have you ever had someone perceive you to be a certain way as if they know what you’re thinking? 

Putting an End to Groundhog Day
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Like Bill Murray in the 1993 movie Groundhog Day, every day for some people feels like a repeat of the last. Seemingly no matter what they do, nothing changes. Each day greets them with the same frustrations that they had the day before.

The NFL Desperately Needs Skills in Changing Behavior that Matters
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Over the last two weeks there have been at least 7 cases making the news about domestic abuse by NFL players. This week, there was an NYT editorial on abuse and its justification by too many men, including these football players...

Bullying: Unhealthy for Humankind, Part I Bullying in Schools
The issue of coercion (threat and fear) has long been an interest of mine for what it does to the behavior of those coerced and how it shows up in workplaces, schools, and in larger society. The behaviors of those who do the coercing are of interest as well. How do we manage the conditions in which bullying, an extreme form of coercion, occurs so that it is no longer a culturally acceptable act? 

Cigarette Warnings: Government approach is well intended but won't change behavior
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Several weeks ago Secretary LaHood unveiled with considerable fanfare, a new attack on smoking where manufacturers will be required to display on the top half of the pack of cigarettes larger, more graphic warnings of the dangerous effects of smoking...