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The One Thing that will Never be Obsolete

post office1A friend recently sent me an article by Plinio Granado titled, “9 Things That Will Disappear In Our Lifetime.”  The list includes some obvious things including the Post Office, the check, newspaper, book, land line telephone—no surprises there. And a few that may not be obvious but are understandable; television, the music industry, “Things” that you own (as they will live in a cloud) and privacy.  In talking to friends and associates about the list, some of them say that they don’t believe all of these things will disappear. These are the same people who said they would never use a cell phone!  Certainly technology is changing so fast that customers are reluctant to buy things as they are afraid a new, better, cheaper version will be on the market before they get their new purchase up and running. Read entire post at Talent Management Magazine…

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