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Whistleblowers, Disgruntled Employees and You

snowdenThe recent coverage of Edward Snowden and the NSA data he leaked has brought attention to the issue of whistleblowers within organizations. How should managers deal with employees who are concerned about ethical compromise? ADI President and CEO,Darnell Lattal discusses why a greater culture change within companies may be needed and how managers should respond to those employees who voice concerns.

Too often, concerned employees are labeled as “negative” or “disgruntled” and are targets of revenge. Behaviors leading up to whistleblowing are ignored or inappropriately dealt with. Managers should never punish for honesty and employees should always feel comfortable with coming forward, knowing issues will be investigated quickly and resolved. Darnell Lattal explains how companies can create an ethical and cooperative work environment, one free of the need for whistleblowers. Read entire post at Talent Management.


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