Bringing Out the Best in People

Bringing Out the Best in People 2nd Edition
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Bringing Out the Best in People
Aubrey Daniels




The new 3rd edition of this classic leadership book will be released in May, 2016. Check back often for preorder options.

"I have included this on my list of the top five business books of all time." 

—Verne Harnish, Founder and CEO of Gazelles, Author of "Scaling Up"

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This is an updated edition of the 5-star, best-selling book by Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels, one of the country's foremost behavioral psychologists, which was originally published in 1994.

Effectively managing people in a company leads to outstanding individual performances that, in turn, leads to great organizational performance. This book tells you how to use a behavior-based performance management system to transform employees' work into something they are willing, ready and even eager to do, which in turn ensures that everybody performs to his or her full potential. Drawing from his expertise in behavioral psychology and over 25 years of Performance Management application in over 400 companies, Daniels explains how to initiate organizational change so that employees will increase their efforts, their creativity, their cooperation and the quality of their work. Backed by performance management case studies at 3M, Xerox, ConAgra, and other major firms, this easy to read book gives managers the tools to permanently revitalize productivity.

Business is characterized by a lot of common sense solutions. But in fact, the many management books articulate only the particular view and experiences of the author. A scientific-based book about how to understand and change behavior in organizations was lacking. Aubrey Daniels has made the remarkable accomplishment of writing a book that is both strongly based in the science of behavior analysis and easy to read and to use. This is one of the best books ever written about motivation in business. 

Dr. Marius Rietijk
Nyenrode University, The Netherlands 

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