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Workplace truths came out when employees confronted REI’s CEO via Reddit.

Slowing Down for Rapid Change at iD Tech
Joy Meserve, VP of Operations, decided that she needed a systematic method for managing performance at all levels from the highest ranks on her team to the summer staff out at each of their 100+ locations. She Googled “performance management” and found Aubrey Daniels International (ADI).

Why Positive Management Training Should be Part of your Company Wellness Program
Aubrey Daniels' Blog
Most organizations understand the value in promoting employee health and wellness.  Investments are made in wellness centers, gym memberships and weight loss programs.  Turns out there is another key to employee health—good management. 

Policies Alone Don’t Change Behavior
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Take a lesson from the NFL: policy words are cheap. It takes more to make sure employees are behaving themselves.

The NFL Desperately Needs Skills in Changing Behavior that Matters
Aubrey's Blog 
Over the last two weeks there have been at least 7 cases making the news about domestic abuse by NFL players. This week, there was an NYT editorial on abuse and its justification by too many men, including these football players.

The Problem with Banks’ Results-Driven Culture
American Banker
Managing by the numbers has long been standard practice at banks. The reason is simple: Results are black and white. Employees are either ahead of the curve or behind it. 

Initiative Overload: Why Organizations Can't Get Anything Done
Talent Management Magazine 
Technology can be a distraction in the workplace. Take proactive steps to make sure that it helps, not hinders performance.

Overworked? Could Reducing Workloads be the Key to Improved Results?
Aubrey's Blog
We may be at a tipping point.  It just might be that we have hit the limit on how much we can do on any given day, week or month.

Talk Less and Deliver More Consequences To Effect Workplace Change
CEO Blog Nation
Why do businesses have so much trouble introducing change? Why do managers complain that they talk till they’re blue in the face but employees still resist adopting new methods? 

4 Secrets to Leading Change When Your Company Is Already Successful
Chief Executive.Net
It’s no secret: Many successful businesses are slow to change. There are hundreds of examples in which corporations have rejected ideas and products that have been left to entrepreneurs to make successful. 

Technology Is No Threat If You Are a Learner
Talent Management
Some of you are old enough to remember the lines from a popular Bob Dylan song from 1964, “The Times They Are A-Changin.” He was prescient beyond what even he could have imagined. Not only are times changing, but they are changing at a rate faster than anybody would have predicted in Dylan’s time. 

Book Review: Sustain Your Gains
Read what you can expect to learn from Sustain Your Gains, a book focused on the people side of Lean-Six Sigma written by Michael McCarthy, in this Buyers Meeting Point book review. 

President Obama, You Say You Want Ideas—Here's One!
Aubrey Daniels Blog
President Obama says he wants ideas.  How about this one?  The government will designate a fixed dollar amount to be deducted from each taxpayer each year..

Norðurál: Casting Behavior-Based Safety in a Positive Light
PM eZine
The people at Norðurál, Iceland’s largest industrial facility, wanted to address every possibility for risk when they opened the sprawling aluminum smelting operation in 1998.

A Perspective on Culture and Brand Japan, post-tsunami
Aubrey Daniels' Blog
...a culture can be shaped by its experience with major events and how the people of that culture come together collectively to address challenges. There is no better example of this than Japan...

An Executive View: Dennis Sadlowski, Former CEO of Siemens Energy & Automation, Discusses Keys to a Sustained, Positive Culture
Dennis Sadlowski, the former president and chief executive officer of Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc., began his career with General Electric. At GE he held management positions over a period of ten years before moving to Thomas and Betts,...

The Science of Success: Creating Great Places to Work
In times like these, when economic instability, changing conditions of the workplace, and uncertainty reign, some companies are able to create conditions that promote loyalty, dedication and on-target performance...

Young Entrepreneurs Get It
Aubrey Daniels Blog
When you explain the science of behavior to this audience, they get positive reinforcement! The reason for the exclamation point is that I have spoken to thousands of more seasoned managers who take a long time to get it-and some never really understand the importance and value this technology brings to their businesses... 

Systems Thinking and Management Behavior
Performance Management Magazine
Does your company have nagging problems that never seem to go away? Does your organization remind you of the movie Ground Hog Day, repeatedly downsizing, reorganizing, and re-engineering, and never quite getting it right? Once this situation is recognized how does an organization work its way out of such predicaments...

Gilding the Yellow Brick Road
Performance Management Magazine
When one firm acquires another, cultural and operational differences are probable.  But when a multinational firm with offices in 34 countries acquires a prestigious national organization headquartered in America’s heartland, cultural differences are inevitable.

A Culture of Success at M&T
Case Study
Try convincing a group of bank executives that it’s time for a culture change when the present culture has been reinforced by over 100 years of extraordinary success. Such was the challenge last year for a team of performance specialists who were called to help one of the 20th largest banks in America shift into a new way of doing business.