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One of the ways in which we disseminate knowledge about the role of human behavior in the workplace is through books, tools, and educational training materials. Browse our latest offerings and key titles below.


Performance ManagementPerformance Management
Aubrey C. Daniels

The definitive text on performance management. No university business school or corporate library would be complete without a copy. Over 500,000 copies in print...

OOPS! Oops! 13 Management Practices that waste time and money
Aubrey C. Daniels
Many performance-killing mistakes have been institutionalized into policies and procedures, in training for new managers, and even incorporated into pay, appraisal, and motivational systems. Aubrey Daniels reveals what to do instead...

Other People's HabitsOther People's Habits
Aubrey C. Daniels
An invaluable guide guaranteed to optimize each and every one of our relationships-both at home and at work. This book shows you how to honestly and beneficially influence those around you and maximize your own happiness and personal productivity...

Bringing Out the Best in PeopleBringing Out the Best in People
Aubrey C. Daniels
One of the preeminent management texts of our time, this book tells you how to transform emplyees' work into something they are willing, ready and even eager to do, ensuring that everyone performs to his or her full potential, which in turn yields outstanding organizational performance...

Safe By Accident?Safe by Accident?
Judy L. Agnew & Aubrey C. Daniels
In attempts to improve safety, companies institute safety programs, purchase specialized equipment, and engage in safety practices that they believe have a positive impact. Unfortunately the measure of that impact is flawed.

Removing Obstacles to SafetyRemoving Obstacles to Safety

Judy Agnew & Gail Snyder

Condenses the knowledge gained from hundreds of successful behavior-based safety interventions into a quick-read 228-page overview...

Measure of a LeaderMeasure of a Leader
Aubrey C. Daniels & James E. Daniels
Leadership has been written about for decades, yet American business still faces a leadership crisis.  The "twelve measures" in this book provide the best possible forecast of a leader's impact onthe growth of the business, on the customers and the marketplace, and on the leader's legacy...

Precision SellingPrecision Selling
Joseph S. Laipple
What if you could do one thing differently and close the deal?  This guide for coaching sales professionals delivers the formula for increasing your top line results...

Sustain Your GainsSustain Your Gains
Michael McCarthy
Many performance-killing mistakes have been institutionalized into policies and procedures, in training for new managers, and even incorporated into pay, appraisal, and motivational systems. Aubrey Daniels reveals what to do instead...

The Liberated Workplace
William B. Abernathy, Ph.D. 
In The Liberated Workplace, author Dr. Bill Abernathy, Ph.D. describes a practical and proven transition strategy that enables organizations to evolve from a conventional, bureaucratic wage-and-salary system to a self-managed workplace; one that enjoys the benefits of increased productivity and a committed and creative workforce. 

Sin of Wages
William B. Abernathy, Ph.D.
Looking for a way out of today’s current crisis – and one that pays for itself through strong performance? This compelling and innovative
book is a must read for business professionals who are tired of the counterproductive environment fostered by the conventional wage and salary system.

Pay for Profit
William B. Abernathy, Ph.D.
Dr. Abernathy's years of experience guide the reader through both the development and long-term management of an effective performance system. The reader will learn how to measure all types of performance; how to organize them into balanced scorecards; and how to link incentives to performance improvement through profit-indexed performance pay...

Rapid Change

Joe Laipple

It’s quite simple. if you want sustainable, long-term changes in results, you need behavior change today that leads to those results. You need action. Leaders are charged with doing all they can to achieve results through their people. Often times they grow impatient with the pace.

Human Performance Diagnostics

William B. Abernathy, Ph.D.

Effectively measure, analyze, and improve the performances that affect organizational success. Organizational issues are not often organized into one problem category, and therefore the solutions to those issues rarely come tied up in one neatly wrapped package.


Head Strong: A Parenting Survival Kit for Reducing Tension and Building Self-Esteem

Ted Ayllon, Ph.D.

When it comes to raising productive and confident children, often times parents find themselves dealing with the same issues over and over; repetitive behaviors that challenge even the most dedicated and patient parents. 


You Can't Apologize to a Dawg

Tucker Childers

Long before Tucker Childers began his thirty-year career as a management consultant, he was a country boy growing up in the North Georgia Mountains. Little did he know at that time that the colorful characters he met and the memorable pets that were part of mountain

life would coincide with his professional experience and culminate in a book about leadership.


Human Incompetence

Oops! 13 Management Practices that waste time and moneyThomas Gilbert

While going through a number of storage boxes several years ago, Marilyn Gilbert, Tom Gilbert's wife of twenty-seven years, found his unfinished autobiography. This book is that work, untouched, which provides intriguing insight into a man who has been referred to as one of the top three most brilliant American psychologists of the twentieth century.




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