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At ADI, it has always been our mission to spread the word about behavioral science and its real-world application across all business situations. We invite you to explore our PMeZine, an online library of  articles and case studies from real companies who have successfully addressed behavior in their organizations. This online library includes archives from the 20 year publication of Performance Management Magazine, as well as recent articles dedicated to the latest workplace challenges and how a behavioral approach can lead to success.

Leadership Behaviors: #2 Work Sampling
October 22, 2015
Leadership is usually thought of in terms of the qualities and attributes of the person assuming that role. So what gets studied and written about are the leader’s personal history, thoughts, expressions and actions as if they are the essentials. But leadership is explicitly about a relationship between that leader and his/her followers. 

What Managers Can Learn from Team Sports
October, 2015
If we can take a sport and make it something people don’t want to do, can we take work and make it something people want to do with the same energy and enthusiasm they typically put into sports? The answer is an unqualified YES! But to accomplish this, we must first identify the characteristics in sports that are most often absent at work.

Leadership Behaviors: #1 Focused Listening
August 18, 2015
You must manage your own behavior if you intend to lead others. And it starts with active listening. 

Leadership Behaviors: An Introduction
August 12, 2015
This is an introduction to a seven-part series dedicated to effective leadership behaviors. Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels and James E. Daniels, co-authors of Measure of a Leader, explore seven behaviors and offer insight into how to develop these behaviors.

Slowing Down for Rapid Change at iD Tech
August 5, 2015
“I stand behind the impact ADI can have on any organization. For me and for my team at iD Tech, Precision Leadership has been a game changer.” – Joy Meserve, VP of Operations, iD Tech

Why Keep an Ethics Log?
February 2015
Guidelines and daily reminders about practicing ethical behavior in the workplace and beyond. 

Management Practices Gone Wrong:How to Break Old Patterns Using the Science of Behavior Analysis

June 2015
Efficient and effective performance is not something that only lucky leaders can achieve. It is obtainable by every-one who knows and applies the laws of behavior in an effective way. While many managers think they know these laws, few do.


6 Steps to Shaping: Eating Elephants and Overcoming the Insurmountable
May 27, 2015

Consider what it takes to achieve your long term business goals, get a graduate degree, earn your martial arts black belt, or learn a new language. These are all inspirational goals that promise long term rewards. 

Standing Up for Ethics at Work
March 12, 2015

People at work face small and large ethical challenges regularly. Yet, today, when corporate scandals seem to be an ongoing aspect of business, most people, when asked if they or their fellow employees, including leadership, are ethical, answer yes. 

8 Tips for Building External Reinforcement Into Your Computer-Based Training Programs
February 2015
Over the years, the science of behavior has provided us with research and practical solutions to meet the growing needs of the workforce. Applying the principles of behavior to our leadership methods has proven to be an efficient way to bring out the best in our organizations and the employees who make success possible.

Bullying: Unhealthy for Humankind, Part I Bullying in Schools
June 2014
One of our greatest needs as a culture is learning to deal with bully behavior. The challenge facing behavior analysts is to alert the larger community to the solutions that behavioral science offers. The work that behavior analysts are doing in school systems offers, in microcosm, methods to reduce the use of and acceleration of bullying. 

7 Steps for Avoiding Initiative Gridlock
May 2014
What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate to real life. All too often annual strategic planning processes at the corporate and department level establish objectives without adequately considering the time, effort, and focus required to implement them.
April 2014
As existing organizations look to evolve and new organizations look to gain an edge there will be an ever-present demand to maximize the use of training technologies.

Towing the Safety Line at Moran
March 2014
With 100 tugboats on the water, safety is obviously a priority and Moran has a top-notch safety record. For example, almost half of the organization’s fleet were awarded the 2012 Devlin Award, an award going to all manned merchant vessels that have operated for two or more years without a crew member losing a complete turn at watch due to injury. They are one of the best in the business when it comes to safety, but they also have people who say, "We can probably get better." 

October 2013
How the work of Aubrey Daniels, his consultancy, and the pio-neers before him have paved the way to effectively manage be-havior in the workplace.

Book Review: Sustain Your Gains 
October 2013
Read what you can expect to learn from Sustain Your Gains, a book focused on the people side of Lean-Six Sigma written by Michael McCarthy, in this Buyers Meeting Point book review.

Noroural: Casting Behavior-Based Safety in a Postive Light 
September 2013
Producing tons of molten metal per day and transporting the hot liquid in crucibles to a casting house to be further heated in 60-ton capacity furnaces, before flowing it into molds for solidification—what could possibly go wrong?

Ending the Blame Gane: Celebrating Truth-Seeking inside Your Corporate Culture 
July 2013
What can be done to ensure that employees bring to the attention of management the problems they see that compete with ensuring the company’s and its employees’ safety, security, and reputation?

Morningside Academy: A Learning Guarantee
July 2013
A money-back guarantee to any student who doesn't gain at least two years or more in all skill-deficit areas within one school year—that’s the deal offered by Morn-ingside Academy in Seattle, Washington.

Managing Millennials: Can Science Help?
May 2013
How do you effectively manage a generation of workers who grew up with the immediate gratification of video games, got trophies for just showing up, and were raised by helicopter parents (over-indulgent parents who “hover” over their child’s every need)?

The Precision Leadership® Survey: Not just Another Yardstick for M&T Bank
November 2012
Ten years ago, M&T Bank began a relationship with Aubrey Daniels International (ADI) when it set out to improve how performance was managed at the Bank... 

Is There Muda in Your Methodology?
August 2011
Muda is the Japanese word for waste, and is commonly used in Lean terminology...

No Silver Bullets for Building Better Bosses
April 2011
When managers consider which coaching model will provide just the ticket that they need to improve performance...

Perfectly Motivated People - They do much more than they are paid to do
March 2011
For many managers, perfectly motivated employees do what they are paid to do, just what the job description states.

New Hire Training
March 2011
With the economy on the upswing and new jobs not far behind, organizations will once again be significantly investing in new-hire training. Will they turn to conventional methods that leave new employees underprepared and the organization’s training ROI low?

January 2011
Data Show Implementation of Precision Leadership Survey in Conjunction With 12-Question Employee Engagement Survey Delivers Stronger Results

Bridging the Gap with OBM
January 2011
Rietdijk began to discover a common thread in many of his interests decades ago, when during his studies, he questioned why industrial organizational psychology employed none of the learning theories offered by clinical psychology. “I thought that I must find out more about the applications of learning theory in companies,”...

Integrating Strengths of Behavior-Based Safety with Effective Process Safety Management
There are many practice areas in safety where subject matter experts, consultants and performers fail to appreciate what each has to offer the other. This article addresses two such systems commonly in use today: Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) and Process Safety Management (PSM)...

A Culture of Safety Ownership at Malt-O-Meal
October 2010
The company didn't have a behavior-based process in place, but Suchan was familiar with the concepts and attempted to get, what he describes, an “unstructured” process going...

Are Women Really the Fairer Sex? Gender and Ethics at Work
November 2010
Do women think and behave differently than men when making ethical decisions? America’s roster of those indicted for corporate fraud contains mostly men, but men have historically been in the majority as top executives. That reality is changing...

An Executive View: Dr. Heinz G. Buschang, Formerly of Kodak
November 2010
Dr. Buschang shares how behavior impacted his success in leadership and in teaching.

Why Relationships Matter in Safety
October 2010
Have you ever noticed how supervisors who have good relationships with their crews tend to have safer crews?  In fact, good relationships tend to be associated with all kinds of good performance.  Why would this be so?

Misplaced Accountability for Accidents: Finding the cause but Not the Cure
October 2010
Of course, in safety, accountability is essential, but the question is, does accountability always have to include negative consequences? In too many cases, accountability translates into disciplinary action against the frontline worker(s) directly tied to the accident (such as verbal and written warnings, suspension, and even termination)...

Achieving the Promise of Acquisition Success:
Designing the Human Factor

August 2010
Why do companies continue to acquire other companies when evidence indicates that even with the best of planning, acquisitions far too often fail to meet their promise?

An Executive View: Dennis Sadlowski, Former CEO of Siemens Energy & Automation, Discusses Keys to a Sustained, Positive Culture
August 2010
Sadlowski’s extensive experience in a variety of executive roles has afforded him both a birds-eye view and a ground-level perspective of the best practices for creating and sustaining a positive and aligned corporate culture. Here he shares insights on lessons learned—valuable information for anyone in a leadership position.

Wanted: Safety Accountability
May 2010
Devoted WV resident ignites a discussion on managements role in keeping mines safe.

Commercial Vehicle Safety: Onboard Safety Monitoring as Part of Behavioral Safety Management
April 2010
Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is the application of scientific behavior principles to modifying safety-related behaviors and reducing accidents and injuries. In the context of driving safety, this means changing drivers’ risky behaviors and styles, thereby reducing road risks, crashes, and traffic violations. In turn, this reduces injuries, property damage, liability, legal penalties, and financial loss.

How to Make Wiser Decisions Using the Science of Behavior Analysis
March 2010
When companies take a nosedive, often due to a series of executive decisions that in retrospect seem obviously detrimental, conversations around the office often include the question, “What were they thinking?”

Decision Making in Uncertain Times:
An interview with Donald Hantula, Ph.D

March 2010
Decisions made in organizations can seem baffling, even infuriating, especially during times of downturn and uncertainty. Attempting to understand why people make such seemingly irrational decisions, we interviewed leading behavioral researcher, Don Hantula, Ph.D., director of the Decision Making Research Laboratory at Philadelphia’s Temple University.

Did McChrystal Get What He Wanted?
December 2009

When I was in the Army there was a saying about budgets, “Ask for three, expect two and get one.” I was reminded of this when watching President Obama’s speech at West Point last night. When General McCrystal asked for 40,000 troops for the Afghan War, how many did he really expect to get...

Creating a Profit-Focused Workplace
November 2009

Dr. William B. Abernathy, performance improvement consultant and scholar, once arrived at a client’s chain restaurant location only to find all of the employees on strike in front of the building. Sometimes management specialists have to do hours of research to get to the bottom of a client’s problems, but this time the problem was written on a big yellow sign posted on the wall. The sign read, “Keep-Your-Job Contest...”

A New Look at Choice-Making Behavior
October 2009

People who build and run systems—such as governments, investment plans, and businesses—confront competing realities. On the one hand, people passionately value their freedom (the right to make important personal choices). Whole countries (like the United States) have been founded to preserve personal freedom, and as individuals, we tend to get pretty testy when we sense that our freedom to choose may be constrained...

Perfectly Motivated People
June 2009

For many managers, perfectly motivated employees do what they are paid to do, just what the job description states. But for me, perfectly motivated employees do more than they are paid to do—they do what needs to be done to fulfill the mission...

Stress and Safety: A Costly Relationship
April 2009

On April 25, 2005, a Japanese train jumped its tracks while going around a curve and ran into an apartment complex, killing 107 people and injuring many others. The blame for the derailment was placed on the engineer for driving too fast to hold the train on the tracks...

From Road Rage to Desk Rage
March 2009

The Abusive Boss "The Queen of Mean," Leona Helmsley, spent an entire career cruelly abusing the employees of her hotel empire. She yelled, screamed, and fired her quaking employees for the smallest errors or failure to meet her unreasonable levels of perfection...

Food Safety, Product Safety, and Public Protection: The Critical Role of Behavior
February 2009

Most food companies have cleaning materials and procedures, inspection procedures, training and management practices designed to monitor and prevent food contamination during production and storage. So where do companies go wrong...

NUTS! When Leadership Abandons Ethics in the Name of Profit
February 2009

To our readers who lead or manage risk and behavior-based safety inside corporate America—from the top to front line employees, you as well as the rest of us, can’t pick up a newspaper or turn on the news these days without hearing about the salmonella problem originating in the Peanut Corporation of America’s plant in Georgia...

Sustainability is More Than a Movement: Where’s Behavior?
February 2009

We all know about going green. While we see it as a movement for preserving our global resources, what we don’t see is that it is masses of people changing their behavior for the good of the earth...

Walking on (Wings in) Water: The Miraculous Impact of Safety Readiness
January 2009

The forced landing of the Airbus in the Hudson on January 15, 2009 and the subsequent successful rescue of all 155 on board is a cause for celebration. This event brings safety to the forefront – not just safety as a concept but safety as a practice; safety expressed in dozens of behaviors by dozens of very critical individuals - behaviors that created the “Miracle on the Hudson...”


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