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Why It Matters That Your People Know They Matter
Aubrey Daniels, author of Oops! 13 Management Practices That Waste Time and Money, argues that performance appraisals are actually counter-productive.

Seven Tips for Retaining Your Talent
Aubrey Daniels' Blog
Attracting and keeping your best performers continues to be not only a smart business decision but a very strategic one that all companies invest in.

Engagement and Safety
Behavioral Minute
In this video, Judy Agnew explains why frontline employees can become disengaged and what can be done to turn this around, making safety better. 

Who Is a Millennial and What Difference Does It Make?
Talent Management Magazine
Millennials are often miscategorized, leading to the impression that the whole generation is lazy. Many are actually hardworking, creative and collaborative.

Happiness Starts At the Top
Talent Management Magazine
Happiness comes from how employees are treated as they work, not as something you give them to make them happy.

Home Improvement?
Training Magazine
Working from home can drive employee engagement and performance, but companies first must provide telecommuting training and reinforcement.

A Better Way for HP to Boost Performance
Bloomberg Businessweek
Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) Chief Executive Meg Whitman has rekindled the debate over whether to telecommute with a memo urging employees to show up at the office more often. She wrote that “HP needs all hands on deck” to foster engagement and collaboration during its turnaround...

The Engagement Challenge for 2014
Human Resource Executive
With surveys suggesting employees are feeling more confident in their ability to find a new job this year, HR must be prepared to do more to hold on to them. 

Reinventing Surveys: You Get What You Give
Aubrey Daniels' Blog
How truly beneficial are surveys to your organization? Asking the right questions is the first step but taking action with the answers is crucial to making employee surveys worth respondent’s time and effort.

Cutting the Federal Budget: Can it really be done without everybody's help?
Aubrey Daniels' Blog
Talk of cutting the Federal budget has been going on for months and will no doubt continue for the foreseeable future.  It is interesting to me that the talk has centered, as it usually does, on cutting programs..

An Executive View: Dennis Sadlowski, Former CEO of Siemens Energy & Automation, Discusses Keys to a Sustained, Positive Culture
PM eZine
Dennis Sadlowski, the former president and chief executive officer of Siemens Energy & Automation, Inc., began his career with General Electric. At GE he held management positions over a period of ten years before moving to Thomas and Betts,...

The Danger of Over-Valuing Smart, Talented People 

Training Magazine 
Jeffrey Skilling, CEO of Enron, demonstrated that smart people can learn bad behavior quickly. What Enron did, and others still do, was waste a lot of time and money trying to find, hire, and retain smart, talented people.

Thank God It's Monday: Celebrating Work

Performance Management Magazine

People think there are some jobs that can never be made positive.  In fact, a job is just a series of behaviors.  By adding positive reinforcement to these behaviors, you improve performance while making people feel better about their work.

Perfectly Motivated People 

Sales and Service Excellence

Aubrey Daniels discusses how to motivate you workforce so that they do more than what they are paid to do - they do what needs to be done to fulfill the mission...