Ken Wagner


Ken Wagner, Ph.D.
, Vice President, specializes in performance and systems analysis, the development of behavior-based implementation strategies and helps clients create long-term organizational change. Through his expert coaching and consulting, Ken dedicates his time to examining his clients systems, processes, and people strategies to ensure that their motivational initiatives are aligned to promote business success and drive the desired outcomes. Ken works with clients from a variety of business sectors including Aerospace, Health Insurance, Banking, Building Materials, Telecommunications, Automotive, Manufacturing, Nuclear and Electric Power, and Financial Services. As a highly trained and experienced Behavior Analyst and teacher, Ken consistently receives top marks for client delivered education sessions, as well as ADI workshops such as Applications of Behavioral Leadership.

Ken has presented papers nationally and internationally and also consults extensively with ADI’s global partners and clients working throughout the US as well as international locations such as Iceland, Australia, Spain, Asia, Canada, and Ireland.

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