New Book from Acclaimed Safety Expert Affirms Frontline Supervisors are Linchpins of Safety


A Supervisor’s Guide to (Safety) Leadership: Preventing Injury in the Workplace
By Judy Agnew
Performance Management Publications
Publication date: March 21, 2016
ISBN: $21.95 US
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Atlanta, GA –Organizations must seek coordination from employees at all levels in order to ensure a safe work environment. But who, throughout the chain, holds the various elements of the safety management system together? 

In her latest book, A Supervisor’s Guide to (Safety) Leadership: Preventing Injury in the Workplace, Judy Agnew asserts that frontline supervisors are the linchpins of safety.  The frontline supervisor’s role is where safety comes together, where the vision and values are executed, where procedures are complied with, where decisions are implemented, and where safety is realized. This practical guide addresses the pressures frontline supervisors face and offers tips and tools for improving safety management.

“Judy understands the challenges frontline supervisors face and how they must manage their own and others’ behavior while meeting the needs of the organization and working to keep everyone safe,” states Tom Spencer, CEO of Aubrey Daniels International.  “In her work with countless organizations, she has supported frontline supervisors in building the skills and understanding of human behavior that is necessary for success.” 

Organized around nine safety leadership practices, each essential to effectively managing a safe work environment, readers can master skills in engaging the workforce, responding to hazards, building relationships, developing safe habits, and setting themselves up for success.  Each chapter is clearly presented and ends with very specific actions readers can take immediately. 

This is more than a practical guide—it is a playbook for preventing injury in the workplace.

What others are saying about A Supervisor’s Guide to (Safety) Leadership:

“Frontline supervisors are the linchpins of safety...and this book is the keystone, the linchpin, for safety leadership success. This gets to the most critical step of a successful safety process—enlightening and teaching how to engage the workforce. To pull it all together, ‘A Supervisor’s Guide to (Safety) Leadership’ is THE formula. A must-read!”

David F. Julian, Vice President Safety and Environmental (Retired), Norfolk Southern

 “The truth is that most frontline supervisors are managing people in ways that limit the results they get. This book helps unlock the mystery around creating a great safety culture, and enables frontline supervisors to see their role in it.  ‘A Supervisor’s Guide to (Safety) Leadership’ helps them see the magic is in taking care of your people and how they can do that.”

Gary Catapano, Senior Vice President of Safety, First Student, Inc.

“Understanding the power of positive reinforcement as it relates to the behaviors of those we work with can yield a more productive and safe work environment for all.  The easy part of this process is reading the material.  The challenge is in being diligent in using these tools and techniques.  In doing so, you will be surprised by how much more effective you become.”

—J.W. (Jim) Latham, Director of Positively CONSOL, CONSOL Energy


Judy Agnew is a recognized thought leader in the field of behavior-based safety, safety leadership, safety culture, and performance management. She is an expert consultant who works with clients to create behavioral interventions that ensure organizations are safe by design. As Senior Vice President of Safety Solutions at Aubrey Daniels International (ADI), Judy partners with clients to create behavior-based interventions that are grounded in the science of behavior and use positive, practical approaches that lead to long-term sustainability.

Judy has presented at major safety conferences, including the American Society of Safety Engineers, National Safety Council and Behavioral Safety Now, as well as other key corporate events. She is frequently interviewed for national and trade publications and has been featured in Occupational Health and Safety and Industrial Hygiene News to name a few. She is the author of two other highly regarded safety books, Removing Obstacles to Safety (with Gail Snyder) and Safe by Accident? Take the Luck out of Safety: Leadership Practices that Build a Sustainable Safety Culture (with Aubrey Daniels).

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