Performance Pay

Money & Performance: A Message to Gravity Payments CEO
Talent Management Magazine
The heavily reported, generous minimum wage may see issues in the long term. 

The 10 Commandments of Performance Measurement: Part 1
Behavioral Minute
Performance measurement is a widely used tool implemented by organizations to help reinforce performance improvement. 

4 Secrets to Making Employee Bonuses Work
Chief Executive
We’re in the midst of bonus season. Before you sign those checks, think about this: While money can be an effective motivator, bonuses frequently fail to deliver incentives for better performance. Worse still, they may punish the best performers.

Don’t Ask for a Raise, Part 2: Reality Check
Aubrey Daniels' Blog
I’m glad to see this topic and the ideas I have shared recently have created such a response.  Let me start by saying that I’m not naïve to think that your circumstances will be such that you will never have to ask for a raise.

Why Nadella Was Right: Don't Ask for a Raise
Talent Management
Employees would not have to be proactive in matters of pay if organizations adopted an effective pay-for-performance system. 

Why Wall Street won't ever change their spending ways
Aubrey Daniels' Blog
I have little faith that Wall Street will ever get smarter about how they spend their money...

Santa Says Year-End Bonuses Aren't For Everyone
Talent Management
It’s that time of year when companies continue to throw good money after bad, even in an economy where we can least afford to waste time and money. A Robert Half survey indicates that a majority of companies that give end- of-year bonuses plan to increase them over last year...

Giving Them the Business: Generating Performance that Pays

In 2009, as the United States slid into recession, most people were happy to keep their jobs, much less receive extra money in their paychecks. Not so with the team members of the Bob Barker Company...

Stakeholder Pay: An Alternative Compensation System that Reduces Unemployment and Stabilizes Profit Margins
Recession, inflation, regulation, taxation, market demand, global competition, the minimum wage, cheaper foreign labor, technology, unions, and a changing workforce are some of the reasons given for layoffs...

The Need for an Integrated Performance Measurement System
PM eZine
An organization is a group of people working toward common goals. But what is the common goal given this array of disconnected measures? The conventional measurement system may create unrelated or even competing goals...

Desigining a Compensation Program That Motivates and Produces a Profit-Driven Workplace
PM eZine
A compensation program that will actually improve and sustain key employee performances must conform to behavioral principles...

The Leader’s Role in Pay Systems and Organizational Performance
Compensation and Benefits Review
Leaders try to create followers by providing good pay, benefits, and a comfortable place to work. However, these factors alone never capture discretionary effort—the hallmark of an effective leader. Pay and benefits are necessary but not sufficient.