Performance Management (PM) is a systematic, data-oriented approach to managing people by providing positive recognition and reinforcement for individual and group performance.
Since 1982, Performance Management Magazine, published by Aubrey Daniels International, has highlighted the successes of companies that use PM, explained the latest academic research in the field of behavior management, and linked its readers to valid sources targeting the goal of performance improvement. This e-Zine is dedicated to examining, discussing and sharing the numerous and varied applications of PM technology with its readers.
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Want Employee Engagement? Just Ask!

Do you know how your leadership behavior affects the performance of your team? Does your impact match your intent with your direct reports? Are your actions unknowingly causing employee disengagement?

Thriving in an Exponential Age

An Exponential Organization (ExO) is one whose impact (or output) is disproportionally large— at least 10x larger— compared to its peers because of the use of new organizational techniques that leverage accelerating technologies.

Leadership Behaviors: Part 2 — Work Sampling

The use of coercion by leaders is increasingly challenged, forcing a re-evaluation of some of those time-honored premises which are quickly becoming irrelevant. No credible study of leadership can ignore those being led.

What Managers Can Learn from Team Sports

If we can take a sport and make it something people don’t want to do, can we take work and make it something people want to do with the same energy and enthusiasm they typically put into sports? The answer is an unqualified YES!

Leadership Behaviors: Part 1 — Focused Listening

Being smarter than everyone else doesn’t matter much if you’re the only one who understands and cares. You must manage your own behavior if you intend to lead others. And it starts with active listening.

Leadership Behaviors: An Introduction

This is an introduction to a seven-part series dedicated to effective leadership behaviors. Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels and James E. Daniels, co-authors of Measure of a Leader, explore seven behaviors and offer insight into how to develop these behaviors.

Slowing Down for Rapid Change at iD Tech

The VP of operations for the world's largest STEM camp needed a systematic method for managing performance at all levels from the highest ranks on her team to the summer staff out at each of their 100+ locations.

Why Keep an Ethics Log?

We owe it to ourselves to record our struggles and efforts to do the right thing. The decisions we make, especially the difficult ones, are an important part of who we are.

Management Practices Gone Wrong

Efficient and effective performance is not something that only lucky leaders can achieve. It is obtainable by every-one who knows and applies the laws of behavior in an effective way.

6 Steps to Shape Performance

Whether or not they are aware of it, achievers are employing one of the most powerful tools from behavioral science; they are shaping their own behavior by breaking down the desirable goal into achievable steps that they can then tackle systematically. How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.