Performance Management (PM) is a systematic, data-oriented approach to managing people by providing positive recognition and reinforcement for individual and group performance.
Since 1982, Performance Management Magazine, published by Aubrey Daniels International, has highlighted the successes of companies that use PM, explained the latest academic research in the field of behavior management, and linked its readers to valid sources targeting the goal of performance improvement. This e-Zine is dedicated to examining, discussing and sharing the numerous and varied applications of PM technology with its readers.
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In the Spotlight

Towing the Safety Line at Moran

With 100 tugboats on the water, safety is obviously a priority and Moran has a top-notch safety record. For example, almost half of the organization’s fleet were awarded the 2012 Devlin Award, an award going to all manned merchant vessels that have operated for two or more years without a crew member losing a complete turn at watch due to injury. They are one of the best in the business when it comes to safety, but they also have people who say, "We can probably get better."

Changing the Way the World Works

How the work of Aubrey Daniels, his consultancy, and the pio-neers before him have paved the way to effectively manage be-havior in the workplace.

Book Review: Sustain Your Gains

Read what you can expect to learn from Sustain Your Gains, a book focused on the people side of Lean-Six Sigma written by Michael McCarthy, in this Buyers Meeting Point book review.

Noroural: Casting Behavior-Based Safety in a Positive Light

Producing tons of molten metal per day and transporting the hot liquid in crucibles to a casting house to be further heated in 60-ton capacity furnaces, before flowing it into molds for solidification—what could possibly go wrong?

Ending the Blame Game: Celebrating Truth-Seeking inside Your Corporate Culture

What can be done to ensure that employees bring to the attention of management the problems they see that compete with ensuring the company’s and its employees’ safety, security, and reputation?

Morningside Academy: A Learning Guarantee

A money-back guarantee to any student who doesn't gain at least two years or more in all skill-deficit areas within one school year—that’s the deal offered by Morn-ingside Academy in Seattle, Washington.

Managing Millennials: Can Science Help?

How do you effectively manage a generation of workers who grew up with the immediate gratification of video games, got trophies for just showing up, and were raised by helicopter parents (over-indulgent parents who “hov-er” over their child’s every need)?

Ethical Decision Making In the Workplace

As applied behavior analysts, Performance Management (PM) consultants and practitioners, we are not moral philosophers, nor are we ethicists, yet we are concerned about the ethical practice of our technology.

Being a Self-Manager

B. F. Skinner—inventor, author, and the man known as the creator of behavioral science—arranged the details of his life down to the order of the books on his desktop. Those, he arranged in such a way that he could grab the volume he needed without taking his eyes off the work at hand.

Show Me the Money (It’s Green You Know)

What can behavior analysts do to help corporate America achieve a particular social good—actions that benefit the longer-term sustainability of our planet?