Performance Management

Engaging Employees with a Beginner’s Mind

Continuously identifying different ways to positively reinforce employee behavior is a fundamental pillar of a world-class organization. Cultivating a sense of humility from the leadership team and reinforcing their eagerness to learn and ask questions, opens up an entire category of reinforcement opportunities for the workforce and contributes to a culture of candid feedback and communication.

Pinpointing, Objectivity and Achieving Alignment

People need to hear precisely about the behaviors they engage in that are bringing value and the ones that are not, as well as understand the impact these behaviors have on others and on the business. The onus is on everybody to provide the pinpointed feedback and “stick to the facts” or, more specifically, stick to the behaviors.

Want Employee Engagement? Just Ask!

Do you know how your leadership behavior affects the performance of your team? Does your impact match your intent with your direct reports? Are your actions unknowingly causing employee disengagement?

What Managers Can Learn from Team Sports

If we can take a sport and make it something people don’t want to do, can we take work and make it something people want to do with the same energy and enthusiasm they typically put into sports? The answer is an unqualified YES!

Slowing Down for Rapid Change at iD Tech

The VP of operations for the world's largest STEM camp needed a systematic method for managing performance at all levels from the highest ranks on her team to the summer staff out at each of their 100+ locations.

Management Practices Gone Wrong

Efficient and effective performance is not something that only lucky leaders can achieve. It is obtainable by every-one who knows and applies the laws of behavior in an effective way.

Bullying: Unhealthy for Humankind

One of our greatest needs as a culture is learning to deal with bully behavior. The challenge facing behavior analysts is to alert the larger community to the solutions that behavioral science offers. The work that behavior analysts are doing in school systems offers, in microcosm, methods to reduce the use of and acceleration of bullying.

7 Steps for Avoiding Initiative Gridlock

What looks good on paper doesn’t always translate to real life. All too often annual strategic planning processes at the corporate and department level establish objectives without adequately considering the time, effort, and focus required to implement them.

The ABCs of Fluency Training

As existing organizations look to evolve and new organizations look to gain an edge there will be an ever-present demand to maximize the use of training technologies.

Changing the Way the World Works

How the work of Aubrey Daniels, his consultancy, and the pio-neers before him have paved the way to effectively manage be-havior in the workplace.

Book Review: Sustain Your Gains

Read what you can expect to learn from Sustain Your Gains, a book focused on the people side of Lean-Six Sigma written by Michael McCarthy, in this Buyers Meeting Point book review.

Morningside Academy: A Learning Guarantee

A money-back guarantee to any student who doesn't gain at least two years or more in all skill-deficit areas within one school year—that’s the deal offered by Morn-ingside Academy in Seattle, Washington.

Thank God It’s Monday!

People think there are some jobs that can never be made positive. In fact, a job is just a series of behaviors. By adding positive reinforcement to these behaviors, you improve performance while making people feel better about their work.

The Precision Leadership® Survey: M&T Bank

Ten years ago, M&T Bank began a relationship with Aubrey Daniels International (ADI) when it set out to improve how performance was managed at the Bank.

Just Do It!

Doug Herkner began his sales career as a manufacturer’s sales rep in the fast-paced emerging days of a company that hit the ground running in 1964—Blue Ribbon Sports—today known worldwide as Nike...

Are you Impatient? Knowing the symptoms and applying the solutions

For most organizations, change initiatives are easy to start yet they seem to sputter and stall. The cycle is rarely broken over years and entire careers. For some leaders, the impatience can be seen when they want it yesterday...

Communication, Engagement, and Leveraging Profit Drivers

Employee engagement is a term used to describe an employee who is fully involved in the organization and dedicated to furthering the organization’s interests—someone who is self-motivated, dedicated, and passionate about his or her job and company, someone who strives to consistently perform at levels above the norm, someone who feels connected to the company’s success and to the results he or she achieves.

An Executive View: Dennis Sadlowski

Sadlowski’s extensive experience in a variety of executive roles has afforded him both a birds-eye view and a ground-level perspective of the best practices for creating and sustaining a positive and aligned corporate culture. Here he shares insights on lessons learned—valuable information for anyone in a leadership position.

The Role of the Establishing Operation in Performance Management: Changing the Value of Consequences

Whether you are a novice or a pro, you have probably noticed that sometimes some antecedents and consequences work...

The Science of Success: Creating Great Places to Work

In times like these, when economic instability, changing conditions of the workplace, and uncertainty reign, some companies are able to create conditions that promote loyalty, dedication and on-target performance...

The Emel Group Champions Performance Management in Nigeria

Over forty years ago, Mr. M. L. Asnani founded a small, family-run trading business with the goal of offering quality goods at an affordable price to the people of Nigeria. Initially, with its first product of small sewing machines, the business employed half a dozen people. Today over 500 employees work for the Emel Group...

The Path to Sales Power

Sales meetings, sales quotas, sales conferences, sales training...all such initiatives typically include a lot of talk about selling better and selling more, but then the sizzle slowly turns to fizzle...

Creating a Profit-Focused Workplace

Dr. William B. Abernathy, performance improvement consultant and scholar, once arrived at a client’s chain restaurant location only to find all of the employees on strike in front of the building. Sometimes management specialists have to do hours of research to get to the bottom of a client’s problems, but this time the problem was written on a big yellow sign posted on the wall...

The Powerful Link to Sustaining Lean-Six Sigma Gains

When Mike McCarthy, author and Lean facilitator, recently published his book Sustain Your Gains (2011, Performance Management Publications), John Kaemmerlen, Lecturer at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), was very pleased with the book’s content and title. “I think Sustain Your Gains is perfect because it focuses on the key outcome that so many companies struggle with—how to keep the process and the gains going,” says Kaemmerlen.

Is There Muda in Your Methodology?

Muda is the Japanese word for waste, and is commonly used in Lean terminology. Do you know how much of your effort in implementing Lean or Six Sigma at your location is wasted?

Building Feedback and Natural Reinforcement into Software Applications

Launching new software applications that employees must learn to use is a process often met with frustration. However, organizations can actively manage the behavior change needed to make the transition go more smoothly.

Giving Them the Business: Generating Performance that Pays

In 2009, as the United States slid into recession, most people were happy to keep their jobs, much less receive extra money in their paychecks. Not so with the team members of the Bob Barker Company...

Stakeholder Pay: An Alternative Compensation System that Reduces Unemployment and Stabilizes Profit Margins

Recession, inflation, regulation, taxation, market demand, global competition, the minimum wage, cheaper foreign labor, technology, unions, and a changing workforce are some of the reasons given for layoffs...

Jun Ishida - Changing the Way Japan Works

In its ongoing mission to disseminate positive behavioral methods to organizations worldwide, ADI formed its first strategic alliance in Asia with Jun Ishida...

Liberty or Doughnuts?

Kenny Comeaux’s story of involvement in behavioral science is unique for many reasons, not the least being that his interest surfaced both above and below water...

No Silver Bullets for Building Better Bosses

When managers consider which coaching model will provide just the ticket that they need to improve performance...

Perfectly Motivated People - They do much more than they are paid to do

For many managers, perfectly motivated employees do what they are paid to do, just what the job description states.

New Hire Training

Behavioral Approach Can Lead to Significant Training ROI

Premier Bank Yields Better Results

Data Show Implementation of Precision Leadership Survey in Conjunction With 12-Question Employee Engagement Survey Delivers Stronger Results

Bridging the Gap with OBM

Marius Rietdijk, Ph.D.

Are Women Really the Fairer Sex? Gender and Ethics at Work

Do women think and behave differently than men when making ethical decisions?

An Executive View: Dr. Heinz G. Buschang, Formerly of Kodak

Shares how behavior impacted his success in leadership and in teaching. The former hold-out now used the behavioral technology as a foundation for a diversity of projects as he also provided informal leadership to Kodak’s worldwide Film-Base manufacturing team to develop best practices, share technical knowledge, and provide opportunities for personnel development.

Sustainability is More Than a Movement: Where’s Behavior?

We all know about going green. While we see it as a movement for preserving our global resources, what we don’t see is that it is masses of people changing their behavior for the good of the earth...

A New Look at Choice-Making Behavior

This article was written to tie together the implications of Choice-Making Behavior and how ADI uses the science of behavior to address decisions, the choices made and the impact those choices have on performance.

NUTS! When Leadership Abandons Ethics in the Name of Profit

Responsibility for food safety in our country ultimately lies with company leaders who exercise their responsibility for arranging conditions in which every employee is free to speak openly about safety concerns; where everyone plays a role in putting safety first.

Expert Performance: Apologies to Dr. Ericsson, but it is not 10,000 hours of deliberate practice

I appreciate the emphasis that Dr. Ericsson’s research has brought to the importance of experience in the development of expertise as opposed to some innate intelligence or talent that is often assumed to be beyond ‘training’. In fact, however, it cannot be hours or years of practice that makes the difference.

Paying the Stress Toll

A series of articles by ADI highlighting the high cost of workplace stress to employees and employers...

Defeating Terrorism by Knowing Our Enemies, Our Friends and Ourselves

Reactions to Terrorism, Reinforcing Terrorism and Terrorism's Self-Justifications

Grassroots Political Change - A Success With Performance Management

Recently, a 10,000-member nonprofit association, whose mission is to protect and preserve Florida's environmental resources, became involved in a legislative battle with its chief adversary-a better-funded 300-member business association...

Sticking It to Stress

Fran A. Swan, a certified stress management trainer, teaches a 30-second stress relief exercise using stickers an antecedent to relaxation.

PIPs Instrumental In Changing Behaviors At Sprint

In the Winter 1997 issue of Performance Management Magazine, Ron Proctor, director of Network Systems and Services at Sprint, and Pam Turner, manager systems planning and training, discussed their experience with PM Basics...

Sprint Pilots PM Basics Train-the-Trainer

Sprint, a global communications company, is a leader in integrating long distance, local, and wireless communications, a specialist in data communications services, and the world's largest carrier of Internet traffic...

A Quality Monitoring System

Ogden R. Lindsley, founder and developer of Precision Teaching and fluency methods, created a semi-logarithmic chart used for tracking performance frequencies per unit of time...

Taking Your Courses Online

Discover the seven target areas that highlight how the application of Performance Management principles to course design can optimize the impact of online learning.

Designing a compensation program

A compensation program that will actually improve and sustain key employee performances must conform to behavioral principles. Wages and salaries...

Employee-of-the-Month Programs

The following is a reprint from the March/April issue of "Competitive Edge Magazine"...

From the ADI Vault

This article was originally published in 1999 but the technology implemented is still applicable today. Read how one firm used Precision Leadership...

What is Performance Management?

The following interview with Dr. Aubrey C. Daniels, founder of Aubrey Daniels International (ADI) and the behavior-based management process...

Anger at Work: People, Places, and Pulse Pushers

Leona HelmsleyThe Abusive Boss "The Queen of Mean," Leona Helmsley, spent an entire career cruelly abusing the employees of her hotel empire...