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The knowledge and skills leaders need for positive 
and proactive safety management.

Optimal safety performance requires strong safety leadership. Too often leaders rely on outdated strategies, fads, and common-sense solutions that rarely lead to desired outcomes. Managers need evidence-based safety leadership skills if they are to lead safety performance to the next level. With a scientific understanding of behavior, leaders can effectively develop and use strategies that encourage safe behavior and create the engagement and trust necessary to sustain a truly safe work environment. 

ADI’s 2-day Safety Leadership Training is founded on the science of behavior and is designed for managers and executives who are responsible for the safety of others. This working session provides leaders with tips and tools for developing coaching skills that build engagement and improve performance, a process for building positive accountability, and a method for productive problem solving. Participants of this 2-day working session will come to understand how to improve their own safety leadership behaviors and how to develop and sustain critical safe behaviors in others. 

Session Objectives

Participants who attend this workshop will be able to:

  • Understand management's role in building a strong, safety culture
  • Use science to understand and address at-risk behavior
  • Analyze organizational systems and align them in support of safety
  • Engineer positive reinforcement into the workplace to increase safe behaviors at all levels
  • Develop coaching skills that build engagement and improve performance
  • Focus leadership behaviors on the activities that bring the highest impact
  • Create positive accountability to support and sustain effective safety leadership throughout the organization. 

The science of behavior offers the most effective, long-term approach for helping leaders do the right things around safety. Leaders who understand and apply the science know how to build effective safety leadership strategies, and how to evaluate safety programs and practices to guide their organizations to safety solutions that lead to maximum impact.

Safety Leadership Training is not a trainer certification course and is available to qualified individuals only. Training and consulting firms, independent consultants, external executive coaches, and other external organizational development service providers may not attend.

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For a complete list of events and scheduled dates, please refer to our Workshop Schedule. All public sessions are held in our ADI TrainingCenter located in AtlantaGA. Please also review our accommodations, materials, and cancellation policies.

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