Applications of Behavioral Leadership

This 4.5-day workshop is a transformative experience designed for managers, supervisors, team leaders and other change agents. It provides an in-depth understanding of the science of behavior, behavioral tools for addressing important workplace challenges, and a strategy for problem solving that allows participants to adjust what they do to maximize impact. It will change the way you manage people....


Bringing Out the Best in People

This 2-day working session introduces ADI’s proven behavioral technology, providing real-time human-performance tools, skill building in their application, and clear examples of how the technology has been applied in a variety of settings and situations.

Behavioral Lean Sigma

This 2-day working session provides lean implementers with the tools and methodologies they need to develop a behavioral integration plan for their lean initiatives; an actionable plan that will help ensure success of their current and future Lean Sigma improvement projects.

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Custom offerings are below: Contact us for more information. 

A Supervisor's Guide to Safety Leadership
This one-day workshop focuses on practical strategies for increasing proactive safety management skills. This session concentrates on those things within the control of supervisors—namely how they interact with frontline employees around safety on a day-to-day basis. Supervisors build skills around relationship development, fostering engagement, how to give positive and constructive feedback, and the use of positive reinforcement to build safe habits. 

Safety Leadership Training for Managers and Executives
This two-day session for managers and senior leaders focuses on both practical strategies for improving individual safety leadership skills, and a broader perspective on how organizational systems influence safety (often unintentionally). This session also introduces ADI’s positive accountability process for ensuring the safety leadership skills learned in the classroom, are applied and refined in the workplace.

Managing Performance for Better Business Outcomes
In this program we will help you leverage the science of behavior to gain a competitive advantage and create systems, processes and management practices that capture the discretionary effort of all employees, driving them to achieve your organization’s desired business outcomes...

Successful Negotiation
Esteemed presenter, Sherman Roberts, leads this dynamic session that will deliver lifelong knowledge and skill to negotiate positive solutions to whatever challenges you may face. Register now to gain practical, research-based, field tested knowledge that you can use now and build upon throughout your career.

Performance Management Basics
Offered in Atlanta only. This intensive 4-day train-the-trainer workshop prepares internal trainers and staff to facilitiate ADI's proven, science-based Performance Management (PM) technology inside their own organization...

Behavior-Based Safety Basics
BBS Basics provides everything a safety professional or corporate trainer needs to implement a successful behavior-based safety process. This package is built on ADI’s years of experience implementing BBS in a wide variety of organizations, but is designed to be implemented without the use of our consultants...